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Being Patient with Yourself

Be patient with everyone. - 1 Thessalonians 5:14

Being patient with other people can be difficult. But sometimes we find it even more difficult to be patient with ourselves. We have high expectations and lofty goals. We want to accomplish things now, not later. We want our lives to unfold according to our own timetables. Bu what about God's timetable? His timetable for our lives is much better than our own.

Patience and wisdom go hand in hand. And for most of us, learning the art of patience means learning how to be patient, not only with other people, but also with ourselves.

Your task, then, is clear: be patient with all people, beginning - not surprisingly - with the woman who stares back at you each time you gaze into the mirror.


"We are used to living in an instant world that is difficult to wait for anything" - Kay Arthur


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