Wisdom from 24 Years of Marriage

This Lent, I've been exploring my own life's journey, when I've included Christ and when I have not.  Allowing myself to feel and heal through this looking back.

Part of the exploration was while preparing for an interview on a new podcast for Catholic brides. 

In prepping for the interview, I made notes from advice I received before I got married 24 years ago, from my life experiences after our wedding, and from researching bible verses to share with the brides.  And while re-reading my notes I began having mixed emotions about participating in the interview.

Why, you may ask?  So I don't know about you, but some days I feel like an imposter when it comes to my Catholic faith.  I'm definitely not a perfect Catholic and don't know all there is about being one.  (I thank you for walking with me on my journey of exploration as I learn more. 🤗) 

Doubt crept in and I thought, "Who was I to tell new Catholic Brides how to live a Catholic married life?"  You will hear when you listen to the 36-minute interview, that we are a family of blended Catholic upbringings and there have been seasons in our lives when God is more present than other times.  Because of this, I almost called it off.

But then, whether through Divine intervention or just my stubbornness of knowing I really wanted to participate in the interview, I didn't cancel.  Because isn't that true for most of us - we have seasons of deeper faith and some shallow times too?  And doesn't God want us to ask questions, to challenge and learn? 

So I'm hopeful that through my openness, the Catholic brides listening (both new and experienced) will give themselves some grace and allow God to work with them when they're ready ... that He knows it's a long journey with many turns. And He will be waiting to jump in when called.

Want to hear the advice I've given new Brides on this podcast? Click here.  Maybe you can relate to some of it. 

I'd love it if you shared some of your lessons learned, being a married Catholic, in the comments below.  

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