Your Weekly Hug 07.11.2022 - Positive Inspiration for Your Week 😊

Welcome to Your Weekly Hug!

In this week's Hug, Kathleen Borsh from shares a special inspirational message from the Hugs devotional that is sure to help set your week off on a positive note!

We invite you to take these short 3.5+ minutes to hear the message. Then once it ends, please take a few moments to sit quietly and reflect on what you heard.

Blessings to you as you prepare for the week ahead!

Practicing What We Preach 

- Excerpt from Hugs, Daily Inspirations for Women

When people do not accept divine guidance, they run wild. But whoever obeys the law is happy. - Proverbs 29:18

Are you willing to practice the philosophies you preach? Hopefully so, otherwise, you’ll be tormented by inconsistencies between your beliefs and your behaviors. If you’d like to enjoy the rewards of a clear conscience, it’s up to you (and only you) to make certain your actions are guided by your beliefs.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Jane Addams once noted, “The worth of every conviction consists precisely in the steadfastness with which it is held.” How steadfastly do you hold your convictions? If your convictions are firmly held and clearly demonstrated by your actions, congratulations! You’ve already learned one of life’s most important lessons: convictions aren’t really worth very much until they’re put into practice.

“When your good behavior speaks for itself … don’t interrupt.” - Author Unknown


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