Happy Monday, my friend,

Today's theme hits close to home for me — it's challenging to maintain focus on heaven amidst the world's distractions. As we step into May, dedicated to honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary, it feels like the perfect moment to seek guidance from God and draw inspiration from Mary's example.

As C. S. Lewis said, "Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in; aim at earth and you will get neither." Let's keep this in mind: our perspective shapes our reality. Let's seek God's guidance and see Mary as our guide for grace.

Now, are you ready to dive into this week’s uplifting Hug video? Simply scroll down to enjoy the approximately 8-minute video and read the devotion while you watch!

Afterward, let's take some time to reflect on the message with the Lord, especially if you share my struggle. Let's lean on Mary's intercession and our prayers to draw closer to the incredible grace that surrounds us.

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Until next time, may God's peace be with you!

The World and You

The mindset of the flesh is death, but the mindset of the Spirit is life and peace. - Romans 8:6

We live in the world, but we shouldn’t worship it. Yet at every turn, or so it seems, we're tempted to do just that - because, as author Warren Wiersbe correctly observed, "the world is deceptive, it is dangerous."

The twenty-first-century world we live in is a noisy, distracting place - a place that offers countless temptations and dangers. The world seems to cry out, "Worship me with your time, your money, your energy, your thoughts, and your life!" But if we're wise, we won't fall prey to that temptation.

C. S. Lewis said, "Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in; aim at earth and you will get neither." That's good advice. You're likely to hit what you aim at, so aim high. Aim at heaven.

I have a divided heart, trying to love God and the world at the same time. God says, "You can't love Me as you should if you love this world too." - Mary Morrison Suggs

 Mary, Mother of God, pray for us! 

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May 2024 Themes, Intentions & Devotions:

The Pope's Intention: For the formation of religious and seminarians
Devotion: The Blessed Virgin Mary
Virtue: Purity & Spirit of Poverty
Knots of Grace's Theme: Celebrations



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