Happy Monday & Happy Lent! I'm so glad you're here today!

Hey there! Happy Monday and Happy Lent! Ready to begin the week with our weekly hug? It's an invitation to start the week positively, welcoming God into our day, and allowing Him to guide us based on what we hear in today’s inspiring message. I know I’m ready — are you?

This week's video is less than 6 minutes, with a special inspirational message that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Following the video, I hope you take a few moments to sit quietly with God and reflect on what was shared.

Until next Monday, have a blessed week. May the radiant light of Christ shine brilliantly within you, guiding your path today and throughout the Lenten season!

Take care,


P.S. Savor every sip as you're uplifted by your unwavering commitment to faith with the Pray without Ceasing Mug. Pair it with your new Mary at the Side of Jesus Pocket Rosary, as featured in today's video. Click here to add these meaningful items to your daily routine now!

Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!

Anything's Possible!

“The things which are impossible with men are possible with God." - Luke 18:27

Face facts: we live in a miraculous universe. Our presence bears testimony to God's miraculous power to create something from nothing. But the miracles don't stop there. God is not limited to big bangs or biblical events. He continues to craft wonders all around us: the miracle of the birth of a new baby; the miracle of a world renewing itself with every sunrise; the miracle of a life transformed or a body healed.

Each day God's handiwork is evident for all to see and experience. His miracles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so keep your eyes and your heart open. Be watchful, and you'll soon be amazed.

“I could go through this day oblivious to the miracles all around me, or I could tune in and 'enjoy'." - Gloria Gaither


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Music in the Video: "He Said Good Things" by Headlund from Epidemic Sound

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