Being Disciplined. Boring tasks or Goal getters?

Why Knots Blog Knots of GraceAre you disciplined?  Maybe not in all things you do, but are there some important tasks in your life that you make sure to do each and every day?

For years I was a super-disciplined person.  One might even have called me "obsessive". 

Then I had a baby.  I was still very disciplined because that was the only way I could climb the ladder of employment success, have time for my husband, and meet the new needs of an infant.

But in time, I found that my many disciplines were becoming stressful and I learned to chill out a bit more, removing some things from my daily to-do-list. 

Though I removed many, these are the disciplines I still adhere to:  creating a weekly meal plan, weekly workout plan, grocery shopping for the week, writing down my weekly priorities for the various areas of my life.  They help me set a framework that allows me freedom each day to tackle unscheduled items that come up.  I also make sure to keep these disciplines:
  • Morning time with my family.  ----  This is super important to me to keep us connected with a good breakfast (Thanks, Mom!) and see each other before we're off to the races of work and school.
  • Prepare dinner each night. ----- For health and together time, my goal is to have most nights where I make our meals and that we eat them together.
  • Relax at the end of the day by watching TV, reading a book, or crafting. ---- To set myself up for the next day, I like to unwind before I go to sleep each night.
And as I've mentioned in my recent articles, I've recently added:
  • Daily walk, run, yoga or HIIT training.   ----  This year I have a goal to be leaner and lighter.  And now more than ever, in becoming more sedentary at home since March & COVID-19. 
  • Daily mass (online) and saying the rosary.   ---- I love learning and daily mass allows me to learn more about my faith through the daily readings. Plus I just want to pray more and meditate with the rosary.
Runner Rosary Bracelet Knots of GraceThough I have some great disciplines already in place, there are still a couple I wish I had.  Ones I've been denying myself out of fear - fear of being thought as boring.  (Without going into detail, they're financial disciplines that I once had in place but have loosened up over the years.)

But as I'm getting older, and so is my daughter, it's time to get some of these "boring" disciplines restarted.   And what better time to get started - when the school year begins?!

Are you in a similar place in your life?  Where you feel you need some disciplines again?  Or want to add some new ones?

Maybe it's time to assess how your current disciplines are serving you?  Are they helping you get to your goals? 

If not, take a few minutes to look at your goals.  I recommend writing them down if you haven't yet.  Then look at your daily & weekly disciplines.  Do they match up?  If they don't, decide which needs to be changed - your goal or your discipline - and take the next steps to get your goal. 

Steering Wheel Rosary Knots of GraceAnd maybe one of the disciplines you want to add is more prayer, like I did recently.  If so, Knots of Grace has beautiful tools to remind you, help you count your prayers, or say the rosary.  And remember, Knots of Grace items are made for all Christians.  So if you see something you like but it has a Saint charm on it, just send me a note and I'll remove it for you at no charge.

But whatever you do, please give yourself some grace.   If you need some extra support, reach out to your best friend.  Or better yet, ask Mary to intercede on your behalf.  She's gracious and always helps bring calm into your life if you ask.  And though she is disciplined in her love for Jesus, Mary's definitely not boring.

Praying for you to reach your goals through disciplines and grace,

P.S. These are a couple other Knots of Grace items designed to remind you that God is with you.  And he's here to help you reach your goals. [Click images to view]

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