Persistence in Prayer Podcast - Episode 22: Knots Of Grace: Finding Your Unique Value and Praying Through Change with Kathleen Borsh

Grab your favorite beverage and listen to the conversation Kylie and I had on this week's podcast. Here's Kylie's description of the episode:

This week I am joined by the incredible Kathleen Borsh of Knots of Grace. Kathleen is a business owner, mother, and true warrior for Christ. She is bringing people back to God through visual reminders of grace and wants you to reap the benefits too!

In this episode, Kathleen shares her long-learned expertise so that you can walk away with immediately implementable tips. Kathleen will guide you through...

  • How to help yourself and others recognize their value.
  • How to adapt to changes in life and not leave your prayer behind.
  • The impact of having a visual reminder of grace.
  • Her favorite scripture verse and how it can literally, "open doors" of opportunity for you too.

Listen now by clicking here:

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