To Mask or Not to Mask ... What what I learned today about mask effectiveness


Disclaimer:  This is not a political article.  I'm merely relaying information learned on the ABC News today about the effectiveness of different non-medical-grade mask types.

We watch the news most mornings.  Sometimes I hear every story and other days I just hear a few of the news briefs.  Today one specific news story caught my eyes & ears because the junior scientist in me has been curious about the effectiveness of masks, including those that I've made.  (Especially given the concerns raised recently about wearing them or not.)

In the story, they showed a video, which is what caught my attention.  It showed the distance particles travel behind each of the 4 non-medical-grade masks types tested - a bandana, a handkerchief mask, an over-the-counter cone style mask and a two-layer quilting cotton mask.  Amazingly, the two layered "quilted" masks, similar to the ones I made and sell on, are some of the most effective. 

While I know these masks are not going to completely stop the spread of particles, it was great to see evidence that wearing a mask does limit the excessive spread of particles versus not wearing one.  And if it's a way for each of us to help protect one another, I'm all for it!

If you're interested in reading the article and watching the video, click here.

The masks I made and now sell at are not medical grade, nor do they prevent the spread of COVID, but combined with social distance, they will reduce the distance particles travel, as the ABC News article states.  If you need a two-layer quilting cotton face mask, click here.  We offer them in multiple colors and patterns.  Get one for you and a loved one today.  

Our family masksAnd, if you were wondering ... our family wears masks in public spaces the majority of the time.  Here they are hanging at our house, ready for us to take and wear when needed.

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