Prayers 🙏 in the Morning, in the Evening, at Supper time 🎶

🎶  Prayers in the Morning, Prayers in the Evening, Prayers at Supper time 🎶

Ok, while these aren’t the words to the McGuire Sisters song, Sugartime, it’s what came to mind while I was writing this post.  (I digress.)

I’m constantly learning more about the rosary. And it amazes me each time I uncover another devotion to Mary, that I didn’t know about before.  One I learned about earlier this year was the three Hail Marys devotion.

If you’re not familiar, the Three Hail Marys is a traditional practice reciting three Hail Marys as a petition for purity and other virtues. Many who pray this devotional recommend it be prayed twice a day – before bed and upon waking – kneeling while praying.

(There’s more history to this devotional, but I’d get really off point if I went through all that, so I’ll leave it to you research, if interested.)

And like many prayers, there’s a longer version and an adaptation. While I appreciate the beauty, history and kneeling while praying that is part of the longer version, the adaptation is more my style since I don’t have to get out a piece of paper, my phone app, or prayer book to remember how to pray. Plus, since I wasn’t raised kneeling while praying at home, when I’m not at church, it feels awkward for me to do so. So when I pray, I sit reverently instead, either in a chair or cross-legged on the ground.

This is the adaptation I like, which is now common practice for many Catholics:

  • Ask Mary to intercede for you with her divine Son about a specific problem or petition and
  • Say Three Hail Marys as an offering

Three Hail Marys Purse Pendant Knots of Grace

Because the Three Hail Marys is such an easy prayer, I wondered why I hadn’t prayed it before. So, earlier this year, I made a new product, the Three Hail Marys Purse Pendant, to help pray this devotion. Not only does it remind you & help you pray, but it’s also pretty. The prayer beads are made of natural stone and are attached to a golden disc that resembles a shiny a host (Communion bread). And who doesn’t like something that’s pretty, functional, and helps you connect with Jesus?

Choose from either blue dumorterite or white river rock and start make praying the Three Hail Marys a new daily practice in your life.

Sending you grace today & always,

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