Fix My Eyes

As I was thinking of today's Holy Day - The Ascension of the Lord - I searched for art or a song to reflect what this day means to me. And this is what spoke to me ...

Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the song "Fix My Eyes" by artists for KING AND COUNTRY, especially these lyrics: “In the light of Your glory and grace, I’ll set my sights upon Heaven” When I found this beautiful photo by @robertnyman, it just brought it all together!

I can only imagine being one of the disciples witnessing this event all those thousands of years ago. I know I'd be looking up at heaven, basking int he light and speechless. I'm sure I'd be blinking and blinking, rubbing my eyes wondering if I was actually seeing it. How could I not believe after such an event - "in the light of His glory and grace"?!

I hope this image and these words bring you some peace today. Love the light. Love His grace. Know the Holy Spirit is with you always.

Sending you grace today and always,


P.S. If you're wanting to learn more about The Ascension of the Lord, I recommend this Catholic Q&A by Fr. Rick Poblocki.

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