Finding beauty in difficult times

"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations." - Zig Ziglar⁣

How many times have you asked God why you're in the middle of the chaos you're dealing with only to find out on the other side of it that it was all worth the pain? I think we've all dealt with highs and lows in our life - with many happening right now - so it's good to know that something beautiful may be at the other end of this difficult road.⁣

This Zig Ziglar quote really made me think of the Matthew verse on one of our door rosaries.   "With God all things are possible." - Matthew 18:26  And how nice it would be to have this hanging on a door or wall where you could see it everyday, especially during those hard times and be reminded that God's got your back and he will bring you to that beautiful destination. 


I pray that you have a wonderful day today, and that your road leads to many beautiful destinations! 🤗⁣

Click on the image to learn more about this door rosary or get one for your home.

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