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Do you enjoy yoga or like to meditate? Or maybe you want to get started?

Knots of Grace RosariesOne way to get started with meditation is with the Rosary. A lot of people pray the Rosary as a way of meditation and connection with God. So, if you’re looking to add more time with God, you may want to start by meditating with the Rosary. Did you know that you can say the entire rosary in only 15 minutes? 😮

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Knots of Grace One Decade RosaryOr maybe praying the full rosary seems like too much. I get it! Because we’re all busy during the day - even during at-home-Covid-times. In this case, a single decade may be the best option for you to get started. And since it’s only 1 of 5 decades, it should only take you 3 minutes to pray and meditate!

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And if you’re Christian, but not Catholic, you can use one of our Comfort Knots to add meditation in your life. They provide comfort and the reminder that Jesus and God are here for you when you need them. And when holding the knots, you may find you concentrate during your mediation practice a little more.

Recently, a non-Catholic friend of mine told me about her recent meditation. She said, while getting into her meditative state, she saw her door rosary that was hanging on the door knob. So she got up, took it from the knob, and held the rope & cross in her hands while she meditated. She didn't use it to count her prayers. She only held it in her hands. She told me that holding it gave her a great sense of comfort.

I’m always fascinated and humbled when my customers tell me how and why they use their Knots of Grace rosaries. I’ve been fortunate to have many people - especially since April - tell me that their Knots of Grace rosaries have brought them comfort. And when my friend said she felt comforted by hers as well, I was finally hit with an answer I'd been wanting! You see, I’ve been thinking & praying on how to make our rosaries more accessible to all Christians, not only Catholics.  And I finally heard God's guidance through her story.

Knots of Grace Comfort BeadsBecause of this, I’ve in the process of renaming our prayer products without a crucifix from Rosaries to Comfort Knots or Comfort Beads. My intention in making products has always been to bring grace, peace, and comfort to all Christians. Not only Catholics. But I didn't know how to shift what I was doing and have it make sense.  But He sent it to me - a way to communicate with Christians of all denominations. To share how to use our products as a way of providing comfort that we can only get from Him, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  (How awesome is it that I actually heard His response?!)

Knots of Grace Comfort Door KnotsThough the products look similar, there are 2 differences between Comfort Knots and Rosary products.  First, Comfort Knots include a decorative cross, not a crucifix (Jesus on the cross).  And second, Comfort Knots do not have a Saint medal/charm attached.  The products are similar in that they all have 10 knots and a larger center knot, so if a Catholic-Christian wants to use it as a rosary, it's available for them to do so.

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If you have a story about your Knots of Grace rosary or Comfort Knots/Beads, I’d love for you to share it! Send a message to or you can post a note below! And if you have a unique way you do yoga or meditation, I’d love to hear about that too!

Wishing you grace, peace & comfort,


P.S. We’re definitely in a time when more prayer is being said to bring peace to all the hurt in our society. So if you're interested in adding Comfort Knots to assist in your prayer and mediation, check out the links above or examples of items I’ve included below. (Click the images below to see more details.)
If you like one of the decorative crosses, but would prefer it on a different rope color, let me know! I make modifications for a minor change fee. Send me a message at and I'll be happy to discuss options and availability with you.  

Knots of Grace Comfort Knots Angel Wings Knots of Grace Comfort Knots Faux Iron    Knots of Grace Comfort Knots Faux Driftwood

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