Corny Dad Jokes

Corny Dad Jokes Knots of Grace I saw this ad in my Instagram feed last week and it just made me laugh out loud!  Not only did it remind me of my dad, who was the king of corny jokes, but the periodic chart reminded me of my daughter.  She absolutely loves all things math and science.

But back to corny jokes.  There's something about them that I love.  Maybe it's because (most of the time) they're tame, non-explicit, and something that could be told by a 7-year-old.  Or likely it's because of my dad and how he just got a kick out of telling them - and seeing our reaction (which usually consisted of us rolling our eyes and saying "Daaaad").

In his honor, I've created a Pinterest board specifically for puns and other silly things.  Things that make me laugh out loud or just roll my eyes and think, "Daaad".

So if you're needing a little corny, child-like jokes in your life, click here to visit our "Dad jokes - kid jokes - puns" Pinterest board.   And while you're at it, check out our other Pinterest boards... and follow us!  I really appreciate it!

Until next time! ~ Kathleen

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