2020.09.04 Feature Friday - Labor Day Edition!

Each week on Facebook, Kathleen Borsh shares Knots of Grace products "in real life". Join her weekly at 11:10am ET @KnotsOfGrace!

This week was all about Labor Day fun!

 * All products demonstrated are hand-crafted by Kathleen Borsh and/or her father-in-law, Bill. *


Labor Day Sale @ https://KnotsOfGraceReceived.Etsy.com

15" & 20" Hands-Free Mask Lanyard www.KnotsMask.com

New in the KnotOfGrace.com shop!

Charms! https://knotsofgrace.com/collections/charms

T-shirts! https://knotsofgrace.com/collections/t-shirts

Join our free VIP Membership http://KnotsOfGraceVIP.com/join


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