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Has your trust in God ever been challenged?

This week's Hug devotion was a wonderful reminder for me to fully embrace trusting in God for everything.

For me, it's so easy to get caught up in micromanaging every little detail of my life, and recently I've noticed I've reverted to some old (not great) habits. And because of this, I'm resolved to release my desire for control to God because when I do, it brings so much peace.

How am I doing this? I'm just making a conscious effort to let go and trust that God has everything in His hands. Today's reminder is such a blessing too, helping me detach from the outcomes of all that I'm working on.

Can you relate? If you'd like to join me on this journey of trust and surrender, scroll down and watch this week's devotion. And after watching, I hope you enjoy a quiet moment with God to reflect on what you've heard.

Thank you for joining me today as we kickstart our week positively. I can't wait to hear your thoughts and reflections on the message!

Blessings & peace be with you,

Take care,

P.S. To help keep the inspiration alive, I shared a favored door rosary, the "I Have Called You By Name" Comforting Door Rosary, in the video that serves as a great reminder to trust God without reservation each day.

Trust in a Good Tomorrow

Blessed is he who trusts in the Lord. - Proverbs 16:20

Sometimes the future seems bright, and sometimes it does not. Yet even when we can't see the possibilities of tomorrow, God can. Our challenge is to trust God to do the best for us, in spite of our failures.

When we trust God, we should trust Him without reservation. We should steel ourselves against the inevitable disappointments of the day, secure in the knowledge that our heavenly Father has a plan for the future that is brighter than we can imagine.

Are you willing to look to the future with trust and confidence? Hopefully so, because the future should not to be feared; it should be embraced.

"When once we are assured that God is good, then there can be nothing left to fear." - Hannah Whitall Smith

 Mary, Mother of God, pray for us! 

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June 2024 Themes, Intentions & Devotions:

The Pope's Intention: For migrants fleeing their homes
Devotion: The Sacred Heart of Jesus
Virtue: Obedience, Piety, & Dutifulness



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