Your Weekly Inspiration 02.07.2022

Start Monday with an inspirational message that can help guide you through the rest of your week! 

After the short video message, we encourage you to take a few moments to sit quietly and reflect on what you heard.  

Blessings to you as you prepare for the week ahead!

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Embracing a Life of Prayer

- Excerpt from Hugs, Daily Inspirations for Women

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. 
- Romans 12:12

Is prayer an integral part of your daily life, or is it a hit-and-miss occasional activity? Do you "pray without ceasing", or is your prayer life and afterthought? As you consider the role prayer currently plays in your life --- and the role you think it should play --- remember that the quality of your spiritual life is inevitably related to the quality of your prayer life.


Prayer changes things, and it changes you. So you today, instead of turning things over in your mind, turn them over to God in prayer. Instead of worrying about your next decision, pray about it. Don't limit your prayers to meals or to bedtime. Pray often about things great and small. God is listening, and He wants to hear from you. Now.
"Prayer begins where human capacity ends." 
- Marian Anderson


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