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Start Monday with an inspirational message that can help guide you through the rest of your week! 

After the short video message, we encourage you to take a few moments to sit quietly and reflect on what you heard.  

Blessings to you as you prepare for the week ahead!

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Excitement Is Contagious

- Excerpt from Hugs, Daily Inspirations for Women

Do your work with enthusiasm.
Work as if you were serving the Lord, 
Not as if you were serving only men and women. 
- Ephesians 6:7

The year was 1963, and she was in her mid-forties. She took her life savings, started her own business, and began selling cosmetics the hard way - door to door; one customer at a time. The business grew because of ability to enlist the enthusiastic support of an energetic sales force. Today that business still ranks among the leaders in the cosmetics industry.

Her name? Mary Kay Ash. Her advice? "A mediocre idea that generates enthusiasm will go further than a great idea that inspires no one." So the next time opportunity knocks on your door, open it with enthusiasm. Excitement is contagious. But if you want to change the world, the first person you must inspire is yourself. 

"A person's mind is not a container to be filled,
but rather a fire to be kindled."
- Dorothea Brande


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