Cheers to the New Year, my friend!

Today, on this World Day of Peace, I invite you to spend the next 6 minutes with me to hear a special message from the Hugs devotional. This message is designed to inspire and provide guidance for the remainder of your week, and possibly the whole new year!

After watching the video, take a little time to bask in the glow of quiet reflection on the newfound insights.

For more information about the featured Radiant Light Pocket Rosary in today's video, please visit this link.

May the blessings of the New Year be upon you and your loved ones!

Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!


Hugs of Encouragement

"Let's see how inventive we can be in encouraging love and helping out." - Hebrews 10:24

How many people will you hug today? How many times will you share a smile, a kind word, or a pat on the back? How many times today will you demonstrate - by your words and your actions - that you are a caring woman?

When you feel happy and secure, you may find it easy to share kind words and heartfelt hugs. But when you're discouraged or tired, it may seem difficult to encourage anyone, including yourself.

Anna Quindlen correctly observed, "Love is not leisure, it is work." So even on those days when the dog bites or the bee stings, you should be quick to do the "work" required to give and receive love. After all, the world still needs all the hugs it can get . .. especially yours.

"Love is a fruit in season and within reach of every hand." - Mother Teresa


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Music in the Video: "He Said Good Things" by Headlund from Epidemic Sound

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