Turning Drive Time Into Prayer Time

Do you pray while you drive? If not, have you ever thought of how the seemingly boring, monotonous, yet very necessary task of driving could be turned into a rich time of prayer and meditation? 

“Pray without ceasing” 

In 1 Thessalonians, Paul invites us to, “Rejoice always, [and] pray without ceasing”. While we’re driving is no exception - what a perfect time to talk to the Lord about our worries, joys, hopes, and fears. 

Think about it -- when you’re driving, you may be alone or with a loved one. It’s quiet (if you turn down the radio) and you have little to distract you. You just need to keep your eyes on the road. There’s nothing wrong with listening to the radio every once in a while, but turning to your rosary instead of the local talk radio station will probably bring you a lot more peace! 

Driving Safe 

Praying while driving is also an opportunity to ask God for protection, whether we’re driving across town or across the country. Driving inherently involves risk, so having a reminder of faith in our vehicles can help us turn to our God for His protection, entrusting ourselves to Him even while driving. 

As a parent of a soon-to-be 16 year old licensed driver, I find it consoling to have a sign of faith in the vehicle that my daughter will take out on the road as a new driver. It will remind her of her Catholic faith, and it brings mom peace of mind knowing that God is with her, too! 

At Knots of Grace, we have two signature products that make it easy to bring prayer into your morning commute, daily errands, or even a family road trip: our Steering Wheel Rosary and Rearview Mirror Rosary.  

The Steering Wheel Rosary 

Steering Wheel Rosary Knots of Grace

The Steering Wheel Rosary was inspired by a hot and stressful day navigating Atlanta traffic. I was getting frustrated while sitting at a stoplight and decided that prayer might help me calm down -- which was a good thing. What wasn’t a good thing was the time I spent distracted from the road, digging through my purse searching for my rosary! 

I started thinking about ways to make prayer easier and a rosary more accessible while driving -- it needed to be something I could reach easily while keeping my focus on the road. 

The Steering Wheel Rosary filled that need! It hooks easily around your steering wheel for easy access -- you won’t be digging for this single decade rosary in your purse while waiting for the light to turn green. Each one is individually handcrafted with brown amber glass beads, a cross, and a Miraculous Medal. This is the perfect gift for anyone who spends a lot of time driving, anyone who wants to be reminded to pray more, or for the new and inexperienced driver. 

The Rearview Mirror Rosary

Rearview Mirror Rosary Charm Knots of Grace

The Rearview Mirror Rosary was actually inspired by a fellow vendor I met at a craft fair some years ago. She liked my door rosaries, and noted how a similar rosary would be great for her husband’s rearview mirror, as he spent a lot of time driving. Thus the Rearview Mirror Rosary was created! 

This single decade rosary is made of durable gray paracord with a silver resin cross that brings a touch of femininity. I add a St. Christopher medal to each one, as he’s the patron saint of travelers and drivers. 

No matter your age or state in life, try spending your time driving in prayer -- you’ll likely be amazed at the peace and closeness to God this adds to your day! 

Shop our full collection of Car Rosaries here. 

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