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How this all got started & where it's going...it always comes back to our relationship with God.

Our life regularly gets busy and sometimes we forget that there is a lot more to life than just our day-to-day tasks and responsibilities. So, many years ago, Kathleen started handcrafting treasures as a way to keep balance in her life and bring beauty to our home. Not only did she make treasures for our home, but she also made beaded jewelry for friends, family & for herself.

Then after many years of being fair-weather Catholics, we were ready to deepen our faith and get more involved in the church community, which we believed would help with the balance we’re constantly searching for. As a start to increasing our involvement & faith, Kathleen used her skills of jewelry making and began to make rosaries (both prayer beads & prayer knots) for church missions. Then our friends and family wanted some, so she created rosaries for them too.

Shortly after that, we found out that the woman who made & donated door rosaries to our local Catholic School's annual Christmas sale was retiring. Because Kathleen loved these items so much, she decided that they had to continue to be available for others.

For the next year Kathleen researched & crafted, learning to tie different knots while testing various ropes & crosses - doing everything necessary to create quality door rosaries to donate to the school for the following year's Christmas sale. It was a success - the school loved them! With the help of Kathleen’s sisters & friends, we sold several more door rosaries word-of-mouth that same year. Since then, we've started designing and making our own unique crosses and have added other unique and useful Catholic gifts to our shop.

We are definitely not perfect people, nor perfect Christians. But we’re on a life-long journey to deepen our faith in God, asking questions, learning lessons from people of different religions & ethnicities, and exploring more of our own religion. One step in this journey is for us to share these door rosaries and other gifts of prayer & devotion with others. And we hope one of our items here speaks to your heart, providing a daily reminder to bring God into your life.

Please feel free to ask questions about the items you see in our shop. Or, if you don't find exactly what you're looking for let us know...It may be something we have in stock, but just haven't listed yet!

Sending you Grace & Blessings,

P.S. In addition to knotsofgrace.com, we are set up shop at several craft shows in the metro-Atlanta area each Spring & Fall. Check out what’s going on by following us on Instagram & Facebook! @knotsofgrace


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More about the Founder of Knots of Grace ®:  Kathleen Borsh

Kathleen Borsh, Founder Knots of Grace
The 4-H motto, Learn by Doing, has been the cornerstone for Kathleen's life and business journey.
At Knots of Grace™, Kathleen Borsh mixes together the lessons she’s learned from people of different cultures and religions PLUS her own faith to create unique rosaries and other items that meet you where you are on your spiritual journey and help you grow from there.
Kathleen has been crafting and making jewelry since she was in high school. But it was time living in Singapore with her husband and daughter, giving her time to fully experience other faiths and cultures vastly different from her own, that reawakened both her creative and faith journey.
Returning to the States, she began to make beaded and knotted rosaries for missions. And soon found a new type of rosary to make, the doorknob rosary.
As a way to invite all Christians to enjoy her new creation, and since they had 10 knots but did not include a crucifix or the Virgin Mary, Kathleen started calling her door rosaries "Knots of Grace" while attending non-Catholic craft shows. And not long after that, the company assumed the name of Knots of Grace® in 2018.
Kathleen is a wife of 26 years and mother of a teenage daughter. Her father-in-law lives with the family half the year and is Knots of Grace’s Chief Knot Tyer. When not working on Knots of Grace or spending time with her family, Kathleen is the vendor coordinator for St. Brigid Catholic Church's Holly Days Market, travels to watch her daughter’s lacrosse team, takes time to read, and watches TV & crafting videos.
Watch this 90-second clip from April 28, 2023 Feature Friday where Kathleen shared a bit about her journey back to the Church.
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