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Kathleen Borsh, Founder Knots of Grace

Kathleen Borsh is the creator and artisan behind Knots of Grace®, a company specializing in handcrafted knotted rosaries designed for modern Catholic families. These unique rosaries serve as both decorative pieces for the home and car and as reminders to pray. The 4-H motto, "Learn by Doing," has been the cornerstone of Kathleen's life and business journey.

Kathleen's crafting journey began early in life, focusing on jewelry making. While living abroad with her husband and daughter, she immersed herself in diverse cultures and faiths, which reignited her creativity and deepened her faith. Upon returning to the U.S., she started making beaded and knotted rosaries for missions, eventually discovering and creating door rosaries.

Kathleen, a wife of 27 years and mother to a college-aged daughter, shares her home with her father-in-law, Bill, who serves as Knots of Grace’s Chief Knot Tyer for half of each year. When not working on Knots of Grace, Kathleen enjoys walks, traveling—particularly to support her daughter’s lacrosse team, learning, reading, exploring her faith, listening to music, and watching movies.

With a professional background in Human Resources Management, Kathleen views her work as her first ministry. Her unique designs have been featured in various publications. To view Kathleen's rosaries, click here.


Want to learn more about Kathleen's journey back to the Church? Don't miss out! Tune in to this 90-second clip from April 28, 2023 Feature Friday to get all the inspiring details!

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