A Reminder of Divine Trust

Father's Day Blessing

Honor Dad's devotion this Father's Day with a meaningful gift that echoes God's faith in him. Order now to gift him a daily reminder of his sacred role.

Handmade knotted rosaries & reminders for every corner of your life

Kathleen Borsh, a Christian Catholic Artisan in Alpharetta, GA USA, uses inspiration found in everyday life to make simple and beautiful rosaries, sacramentals and gifts ... unique reminders of God's love, protection, forgiveness, & grace for the busy, distracted Christian Catholic.

The signature product, which launched Knots of Grace® is the Door Rosary, is offered in several sizes, styles and colors. Since 2014, Kathleen has added rosaries for travel, like pocket rosaries, rearview mirror rosaries, and even rosaries for your books, steering wheels and handbags and is regularly adding new designs.We proudly support other US-based companies through our purchases. The high-quality rope and cording we use is all made in the USA with most from Veteran-owned or -operated businesses.

Because of her own faith journey, Kathleen can confidently say 1) that it is possible to find time for God every day, 2) that praying does not have to be difficult or take a long time, 3) that only through our relationship with the Lord can we find the peace and serenity we've been looking for, and 4) that beautiful, high-quality rosaries & gifts are simple and powerful ways to help the busy and distracted Christian Catholic refocus & be refreshed each time they see or pray with them.Everything she makes is designed with this in mind: that it complements your active day, allowing you to refocus when you most need it, helping you grow closer to God and be at peace.

Knots of Grace is a company that gives. A portion of our sales and time are regularly paid forward to support local and national charities.

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