Praying Through Your Day: Tips from Kathleen Borsh of Knots of Grace ® | Christie Walker, The Catholic Sobriety Coach


Christie Walker | The Catholic Sobriety Coach

How can a simple doorknob rosary transform your faith journey? Join us as we welcome Kathleen Borsh, the creative genius behind Knots of Grace ®, who shares her inspirational tale of faith, creativity, and resilience. Kathleen's journey began with a unique find at her daughter's school, which blossomed into a profound spiritual adventure, especially during her family's time in Singapore.

We discuss the freedom of letting go of perfectionism by recognizing what we can control and surrendering the rest to God. Kathleen also offers valuable tips on maintaining spiritual well-being amidst daily distractions.

Hear about the resources available through Knots of Grace ®, including her weekly video blogs and the Inner Circle of Grace community, designed to enrich your spiritual life. Join us for an inspiring conversation that beautifully interweaves faith, creativity, and the power of prayer.

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