Why Knots of Grace?

People ask me all the time how I came up with the name Knots of Grace.
If we want to go way back to the beginning … my first company was named Special K Creations.  But I closed that shop prior to our move to Singapore. Shortly after our return, I opened a new company called My KB Style – KB doubly meaning Knots & Beads and Kathleen Borsh – after I started making rosaries for missions and for friends and family. 

When Knots of Grace was My KB Style

Early on I started attending craft shows and was surprised by the not always positive reaction I got from the word “rosary”.  
People who weren’t Catholic seemed to be instantly turned off, not at the actual rosaries themselves – they actually liked them … sometimes a lot.  But because they associated the word “rosary” with being Catholic - meaning they weren't meant for other Christians -  most weren’t interested in my rosaries and kept walking. 

Because I've didn't feel my door rosaries were "only for Catholics", I felt like I needed to research about the rosary to see what I might have been misperceiving.  And I learned there was a lot I didn’t know about the rosary. 

Based on what I learned, with insight from God, it became clear I had to rename my door rosaries when attending non-Catholic craft shows.  Not as a form of deception, but to open the door to everyone letting them know what my intention was for making them –  to bring God’s grace into your home.

A First Door Rosary Knots of Grace

That’s when I started calling them “Knots of Grace”.  At the time, I also sold door rosaries made of wooden beads and I called them “Beads of Grace” - so I had Knots of Grace & Beads of Grace.

The product name became an icebreaker at shows, as I was able to  share that they were primarily made as door rosaries, but they’re really just prayer knots designed to bring grace to you and your home.  This made them more relatable to both non-Catholic and Catholic Christians alike.  Along with this, my Catholic customers seemed to like giving a unique gift of faith to non-Catholic friends and loved ones without offending them with the name rosary.  
Pretty soon I knew it was time for me to change the name of my company from My KB Style since most of what I made were rosaries.  So that’s when we became Knots of Grace.  

Knots of Grace Online and In Person
Since the name change, my business and purpose is much clearer. It’s all about  bringing grace into people’s homes and into their lives. The grace is received through prayer tools and other beautiful items that help untie the knots in our lives.  

Knots of Grace for me is a journey.  It’s my special way to tie my love of creating beautiful and useful things with my love of helping people find the joy, peace, and grace in their lives.  And as an added bonus, I get to learn more about my Catholic faith, untie my own knots, and share experiences I’ve been fortunate to have with others of different faiths and cultures.   
Thank you for walking with me on this journey of faith,

P.S.  Finding your own grace can begin just with one decade of knots (or beads) at a time.  Discover your perfect Knots (or Beads) of Grace KnotsOfGrace.com.