How to Spiritually Protect Your Home


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How to Spiritually Protect Your Home 

It’s important to recognize that there is great evil in the world. We have to be careful to not allow evil into our hearts, minds, homes, and relationships. 

As Catholics, we have many ways that we can spiritually protect our homes, families, and souls. Spiritually protecting our homes means that we use articles of faith to remind us of the presence of God, and it also means to turn to spiritual authorities to bless the place in which we live. The goal is to keep our hearts and minds turned to God and away from sin. Read on for several ideas on how to spiritually protect your home! 

Display Reminders of Your Faith 

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An easy way to spiritually protect your home is to display articles of faith that call to mind the goodness of God and love of Christ at every turn.

Our Door Rosaries are perfect reminders of faith that can help you keep the divine and sacred foremost in your mind while you’re at home. 

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You can have holy items like medals, images of saints, and crucifixes blessed by your priest and sprinkled with holy water to make it clear to all who dwell there who is the center of your family (Christ!) and inspire you to love each other accordingly. 

Invoke the Saints 

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As Catholics, we ask the saints to intercede for us before God. The saints are people who the Church has recognized as having been heroically holy during their Earthly lives, to the point that miracles confirm they are in Heaven with God. We can learn from the saints -- we can learn how to face suffering with grace, and how to remain faithful through whatever life throws at us. 

Images of the saints remind us of their holy lives. Even a simple saint medal can direct our minds to prayer to ask for their intercession. With All Saints Day coming up, a day that recognizes all the holy men and women of God who went before us and now intercede for us from Heaven, it’s the perfect time to enlist the prayers of a few saints you particularly identify with. 

All Saints Day comes right after Halloween and All Souls Day is the following day.  It’s a time when we can call to mind the Memento Mori devotion, that encourages us to live better lives by remembering our death. Find our Memento Mori Door Rosary here

Enlist the Help of Your Priest 

Consider having your home blessed by your parish priest. A House Blessing is a rite that is intended to bring peace and the protection of God to your dwelling place. It is a series of Gospel readings and prayers, which the priest reads and prays while sprinkling holy water in each room. Most priests are happy to perform this rite upon request! 

The Rosary is the Best Weapon 

Many saints have likened the spiritual life to warfare -- and it makes sense. Even St. Padre Pio said, “The rosary is the spiritual weapon of our time.” If we are in a battle against evil, we need the grace of God, prayers of the saints, and spiritual weapons like the rosary and other signs of faith throughout our homes. Ensuring our home is spiritually protected will help us also prioritize protecting our hearts from sin, as well! 

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